For nearly 2000 years the church referred to God's Festival of "Passover" as Easter.  The message and power of Christ's death and resurrection was obscured in Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies.

          Please join us in a Biblical Journey  "From Passover to Pentecost" as we follow God's clear instruction and  blessing into  the New Life God intended for us through Christ's sacrifice at the cross.
50 Days to Change Your Life Forever

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Click to View Message  Week 5     May 15-21

Gifts of the Spirit and Pentecost           

Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday

   Come "prayed up" and Be ready to share what you have received from Holy Spirit.
50 Days from Passover  to Pentecost

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Wednesday & Friday   10:00 am
Sunday  Day 36
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Week 6     May 22 - 28

Sunday     1 Cor 12:8-10
Saturday      View Message for Week    May 22-29
      God gives you wisdom and knowledge through the Spirit.  When these gifts operate you  know exactly what to do to minister with Gods' grace.  There will be no doubt, and faith becomes a simple, enjoyable experience.  WATCH FOR IT.
Tuesday  Day 31   12:8-11
Wednesday   Power Gifts

       When these gifts are working, doubt is not possible.   The power of God will be so strong that you simply obey the Spirit, and watch God work by His divine grace and power.    
Thursday    1 Corinthians 12:27

       God has a plan to manage the gifts He gives us.  God is teaching individuals and churches to operate in these gifts in greater and more effective ways. Get involved with what God is doing, and be used by God to share Christs' love and ministry in the world....Just as He did.
Friday     1 Corinthians 12:29-30      13:1-3

     The Way of Love....
         Gods' foundation for operating in His Gifts.   
             Let's Do This !
Sunday Day 36        1 Cor 12:8-10

   All believers have gifts from the Holy Spirit.  God gives them so we can love and minister in His strength and ability.  Join us in prayer this week as we pursue the Holy Spirit and our gifts.
Monday  Day 37        Revelation Gifts
Tuesday       Vocal Gifts 

      Christ gave us authority to minister in His Name.  Holy Spirit will give you specific Words to speak that release His grace and power. This “speaking by the Spirit” is the practical application of operating in His Name and authority.
Wednesday  Day 32   Power Gifts
Thursday  Day 33
Friday   Day 34