Day 1  Message #1     Apr 16 - 17

     4 Festivals, 50 Days, 1 Thing

         Walk with God from Passover to Pentecost

Day 2  Message #2     Monday  Apr 18-19

             How to Choose Your 1 Thing

                  To Change Your Life Forever
Day 3  Message #3   Tuesday  Apr 19-20

  Message          Why the Counting ?
Every Message is 10 minutes
with the Thoughts and Prayers for each day.

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Pray Php 3:13-14 today....

See video to make your choice for daily prayer.
           For nearly 2000 years the church referred to God's Festival of "Passover" as Easter.  The message and power of Christ's death and resurrection was obscured in Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies.

          Please join us in a Biblical Journey  "From Passover to Pentecost" as we follow God's clear instruction and  blessing into  the New Life God intended for us through Christ's sacrifice at the cross.
       Psalm 67 is prayed everyday for 50 days to offer thanks to God for the blessings He has given in the New Year.  This act of faith will open the windows of heaven for blessings to continue the rest of the year. I will post a teaching today for following the Holy Spirit through praying this prayer over our 50 Days.

Message for Days 4 & 5
Wednesday     Apr 20-21

        Take note of God's perfect timing.  We are praying and praising Him for 50 Days with a Psalm that declares that He will judge the earth righteously, and govern the nations....Exactly what the world needs now more than ever.
Message for Days 4 & 5
Day 5   Thursday     Apr 21-22
Our praise from God's Word causes us to bear fruit that glorifies God, and is the foundation for the revival we are praying for.  Stay connected with God; He is saving the nation, and you.

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Day 7    Apr 23-24
American Politics and the Bible
What is playing out in American politics RIGHT NOW is a scenario that has repeated itself throughout Bible history.  I hope you will watch and learn from the past how to pray and prepare to assure a good and Godly outcome in the times ahead.
Day 6  Message #6

Friday   Apr 22-23

(this weeks summary)
This Week    Days 10 - 15        4/25 - 4/30

Daily Prayers & Prophecy from     Psalm 67

Daily Prayers & Prophecy from     the 4 Festivals


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watch for daily posts & live prayer
Be Faithful to God's Call          Here are 2 Key principles from Ps 67
       * God wants to rule every nation on the Earth;
       *  God will use righteous judgment to stop evil.

            The words on the page say it as only God can, and these are God's Exact Words to pray for America right now. When you worship with His Words faith is easy, and His peace will give assurance that you are being heard. I am (and you should be) expecting to “hear from God” as we stay faithful to this calling. I will be posting updates as I receive them. Please feel free to add your thoughts and prayers as well, and Thank You for being part of this prayer effort.
Monday  Day 8      Apr 24-25
Tuesday  Day 10      Apr 25 - 26
Wednesday  Day 11      Apr 26 - 27
   God uses "righteous judgment" to cleanse and correct people and nations from sin. This form of judgment is never as painful or destructive as others.

   Make today a day of praising and worshiping God for His grace that will rescue us from sin & evil.
  ....another way of describing what the Holy Spirit is doing in us during this “50 Days”. Hang in there...It's going to be great !
Thursday   Day 12
   God wants us talking with each other about what we receive from Him by worshiping with Psalms.   God is introducing us to this right now.  He wants to change your life and “the Christian culture” that has not experienced this.  
Friday  Day 13
Week of Practical Application  for 50 Days of Psalm 67
Saturday   Day 14       Jn 4:23-24
Ever wonder what this looks like ?   ….Well,  Here it is
  ....Listen for and follow the Spirit when worshiping with God's Word & Truth.  (Psalms are as “Word and Truth” as it gets.
      Let's Do This !

Here's a video you can worship Ps 67 with....
    Watch Out....I was really having fun with it.
Sunday  Day 15          Hb 6:11-12 

View today's message for this Word.
Monday  Day 16        Psalm 67:1-4

Keep on Counting....It's God's Doing ! 

Tuesday  Day 17       Lk 9:62 
We said we are in this for “a new life in 50 Days”

Wednesday  Day 18      Mt 25:21 
   The reward for “passing this test” of faithfulness is a life-time of receiving God's approval and blessings.  This is “the joy” every one of us longs for, and nothing else will satisfy like it.
If there is 1 Thing above all else God wants us faithful in, it is prayer.

     Receive the Lord's encouragement for your faithfulness.  God hears us in this united prayer effort during our,
      “50 Days”, and the prayers of the saints praying for revival and restoration for America.
  assured, “your help is on the way”.

Thursday  Day 19    Lk 18:1-8
      Your faithfulness is the work of the Holy Spirit in you.  Expect to hear and be empowered by Him, and a side benefit....You will be free from the “religious work of the Law” coming against you.
Friday  Day 20        Ga 5:22-23

        You don't have to wait till Jesus comes back, or even until your prayers are answered....God has given you His joy to encourage your heart and mind, now, until the day comes.  Thank You for your faithfulness, and God Bless You for being part of this ministry.

Saturday  Day 21       1 Pt 1:8-9
50 Days   Archives

Past messages and words from Day 1
Beginning Sunday  Day 22
Sunday     Day  22

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May 1 - 7

Week 4 of Counting          May 8 - 14 
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Monday  Day 23    Week  May 8-14             Col 3:15-17 

50 Days and the Rest of  Your Life with God
Tuesday  Day 24          Ac 19:5-6   
Wednesday  Day 25           Ac 21:10-11
Thursday  Day 26                  1 Cor 14:1; 31
Friday  Day 27       1 Corinthians 14: 26
Saturday  Day 28
Psalms:  More than God's worship songs and prayers.  They are the basis for teaching, training, and following Christ in everything you do.
    God is promoting and refining the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet.  Keep your heart open to the work He is doing in you.   Do Not treat it lightly.
     The ministry of the prophet (and the prophetic) is essential to Christianity / your walk with God.
     Put your hand to the plow, and don't look back.   Pursue the gift of prophecy until you receive it and see the Lord  develop it in you
  PRACTICAL APPLICATION:   Use the Psalms to pray, meditate, and worship through the week(s), then come together and allow gifts, revelations, and ministry to manifest by the Spirit.
The "Gift of Prophecy" and "50 Days"

God's "1-2 Punch"  to lead you into a New LIfe

in Christ
Sunday  Day 29
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View Message for last weeks' teaching.   May 8-14
Psalm 67 and “The Gift of Prophecy”

     We pray Ps 67 everyday for the “50 Days to Pentecost”. 
   Meditate on what we've said and learned, and we will talk about it, and learn to “prophesy” from it, “when we come together”.

   Stay tuned:
            I will post videos to teach and demonstrate these principles. 
next week prayer outline  May 15 - 21